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Lanier Health Services - Vision, Mission, Values, Goals


First Choice Healthcare Provider


Providing exceptional, quality healthcare in a compassionate healing environment.


Respect for the Individual
We will treat each other and those we serve with courtesy, fairness, respect and integrity.

Shared Commitment

The Board, Medical Staff, Volunteers, and Employees will work together toward the provision of high quality health services.
We will accomplish this through unity, loyalty and integrity.


We will fulfill our mission to provide high quality health services through the efficient and effective use of our resources.


We will continually seek to improve ourselves through proactive application of technology and knowledge.
We will strive to be primary leaders in the health care industry.

Patient First

We believe our most important responsibility is to those whom we serve.
We will do this through respect for privacy, timeliness of services and offering quality education and support.


Our interactions with all segments of society must reflect the high standards we profess.
These include integrity, trust, honesty, professionalism, loyalty and dependability.



Informed patients who have a positive experience.


Provide a supportive environment for knowledgeable, committed, value-driven contributors to Lanier's success.


Provide a supportive environment for professionals who share Lanier's vision, values, and success and
who deliver quality care with respect for the individual.


Enhance their success by being a high-value healthcare partner.


Be knowledgeable, responsive and flexible relative to governmental, regulatory, and environmental requirements.


Enthusiastic staff of knowledgeable volunteers who enjoy and are rewarded for service to patients, visitors, and staff of Lanier.

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